Drywood/Yarrow Creek Conservation Project
Oldman TU chapter members Peter Degorter, Blaine Thacker and Richard Burke helped Lesley Peterson, a TUC biologist electrofishing on Yarrow Creek at the Tony Bruder farm in later September as part of a riparian education day. About 100 junior high students from Glenwood and Pincher Creek were given demonstrations on electro-shocking and fish identification by TU, riparian habitat by Cows and Fish, safety around bears by Alberta Fish and Wildlife. The Alberta Conservation Association and Parks Canada also participated in the field day, organized by Tony Bruder and the Drywood/Yarrow Creek Conservation Association.

TUC has been involved for a couple of years with the Drywood/Yarrow association to consider ways of improving the fishery upstream of the Waterton Reservoir and a decommissioned dam on the Palmer Ranch southeast of Pincher Creek.

Al Caldwell illustrates casting with a tailwind


Clive Schaupmeyer, above left, discusses caddis fly stages
Clinic organizer Blair Spence, above left in shorts, and Murray Brown, above right, coach on casting